Friday, December 08, 2006

Stained Glass Window Cookies

I really doubted that I would be able to make these cute little cookies, but they were actually fairly simple to create. I got the recipe from and just decided to scale the recipe down a bit. I wasn't too sure how they would turn out, so I didn't really want to make a gigantic batch of them. Yet, when they turned out to be delicious I was disappointed that I had made only a small amount... I really should trust myself and allrecipes more! I didn't actually have that much colored, hard-candy lying around the house so I decided to just make a couple of them "stained glass" and got my sisters to decorate the rest with icing sugar.

My little sisters are really getting into baking, I'm glad. Now I won't have to do all the baking on my own, and I'll have my own little sous-chefs to aid me around the kitchen. They actually did a very good job in decorating the cookies... check out our cookies!

Aren't my sister's cookies just adorable (bottom pictures)? I didn't want to eat them... they were so cute. Don't you just love the effects of the 2 colors used for the stained glass ones (top picture)? Hehehe, I was going to make buttons for the gingerbread boy, but there wasn't enough room. It just looks like he was shot through the stomache... same with the bear, so sad :(

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