Friday, January 16, 2009

Tasty Cake on a Friday Morning

I know, it's been far far too long since my last post. I seriously have to stop using my non-functional oven as an excuse to stop baking... but hey, it's tough. Luckily, my family has pre-purchased an oven from Sears and all we need to do now is wait for the delivery and installation! Yeah! But until then, I will be forced to bake with my toaster oven... and so far it's been a really great pal-of-mine.

For some reason I was really craving a simple gingerbread recipe... and after searching through my house I realized that I had about a pound of apples hanging about that needed to be used. So, after some arduous online searching I found this Upside-Down Apple Gingerbread recipe from and was well on my way to enjoying a lovely gingerbread breakfast.

The cake was wonderfully moist and I truly enjoyed the addition of the cinnamon-sugared apples. It reminded me of a delicious apple pie mixed with a ginger-molasses pudding... it really is a must try recipe!


Camille said...

oooh, that sounds like some serious winter comfort food. My mouth is watering! I'm sure you are counting the days until that oven arrives.

Jude said...

I tried this recipe recently too and it was delicious. Smelled awesome while baking.