Wednesday, March 22, 2006

Roll-up that Rim... or Else!

March 8th, 2006... a 10-year-old girl finds a Tim Horton's Cup in a school trash bin, attempting to roll up the rim to no avail the young girl asks for help from her 12-year-old friend. Under the rim was not the usual "Please Try Again", instead the girls found themselves holding a winning cup with the prize being a $28,700 Toyota RAV4. The 10-year old's father planned to sell the cup and give some of the money to the 12-year old's family, but the mother of the 12-year old demanded all of it. Now, the teacher who threw out the cup is wanting in on some of the action, demanding that he is the rightful owner of the cup (and the prize); going as far as to demand a DNA test.

This situation, in my mind, is crazy. I think that the only way to settle this once and for all is with some good-fashioned jousting. These people are unbelievable greedy, and should be happy that they've won anything at all. If the rim turned out to have "Free Doughut" under it, I think that families would be more than happy to let the 2 girls split the winnings. So why is it any different with the prize being $28,700? None of these families were expecting large sums of money to be handed to them on that day; and $14,350 could make for a great education-fund for the kids (who were the one's to actually roll the rim). And to the teacher demanding his prize, I say "For shame!". You threw it out, so technically from the moment that cup entered the trash it became public property, and whoever picked it up rightfully owned it. All-in-all I think that the money should be split between the two girls, and I think that those girls should use their money to buy doughnuts... then everyone will be happy, because doughnuts can make any situation better.

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