Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Yay! Christmas Cookies

I simply love baking cookies for Christmas! It just gets me into the holiday spirit. But, living on my own this year, the difficult part is figuring out who's going to eat all the cookies! Thankfully, my nursing class this year is holding a Christmas party and is asking for me to help with the desserts! Yay! Here was my chance to bake up a storm. I didn't know what I wanted to make, there's always so many choices with Christmas. Should I make a yule-log, cupcakes, cookies, gingerbread, fruit cake AAAHHH!! The possibilities are endless. I finally settled on making molasses cookies, using the same recipe I used in a previous post (link HERE) just leaving out the nuts. But what was I going to do about decorating?? I didn't really feel like using royal icing or buttercream for cookies (I find it to tedious working with finicky icing bags and the horrendous after-math of having to clean up numerous piping bags and tips drives me up the wall)... but is there any other option?? Yes, yes there is... and the results are spectacular!

FONDANT!! I'd only ever used fondant on one occasion, when I made my mother her birthday cake a couple years back. That fondant was home-made and it was a bit of a task to make. This time I decided to buy some from Michael's Craft Store (the Wilton brand) and that saved me a lot of time. I actually really enjoyed playing... I mean decorating with the fondant, it was like I was in pre-school all over again. Kneading and rolling and cutting out fun shapes reminded me of play-doh... except play-doh you can eat! Anyways, here are a couple pictures of my cute little cookies. Enjoy :)

To add the extra details on top of the fondant I didn't bother with piping bags, I simply bought some icing writers from Michael's as well. Man, they've thought of everything at Wilton... they make everything so simple for the holidays. I like that, because what fun is baking and giving treats to your friends when your buggered with stress :P

Well, I hope my pictures give you some ideas of how to decorate your Christmas cookies. Happy baking everybody!


Wic said...

this cookies are so adorable. I think I am in love.

silverrock said...

thanks... hehehe, in love with cookies :P Actually, I shouldn't laugh... I kinda fell in love with them myself. The hard part came when I had to tell them that they'd be eaten :(

Eleana said...
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Eleana said...

Wow! Those cookies look spectacular, I've never thought of using fondant that way. Thanks for the idea... found your blog while looking for reviews of "Rainbow Butterfly" restaurant - think I'll give it a try thanks to your photos :o)