Wednesday, July 08, 2009

Iced Lemon Cookies

So, I had one small little lemon lingering about in the crisper drawer of my fridge and decided to make something out of it before it went soft and mushy. Yet, in scouring the gazillion recipes online that use lemon, most of them required 2 lemons for the recipe to be completed. I was not about to go out of my way, drive to the store, and buy one lemon in order to simply finish up the one lone lemon I had left over, so I kept on searching the internet. Finally, I came across this recipe for Lemon-Honey Drop Cookies on

Just looking at the photo made my mouth water. And all I needed was one lemon! Score!! The recipe was very simple and quick; it only took about 5 minutes of prep work (to squeeze the lemon juice, and grate the rind) and then 5 minutes of mixing... pop it into the oven for 12 minutes and voila! deliciously fragrant and refreshing lemon cookies!

The cookies turned out more like mini scones, in that they were fairly moist and soft and the lemon glaze was nicely tart. The cookies puffed up nicely in the oven, and retained their height... If you're a fan of lemons and soft, tender scone-like cookies then this recipe is a must try!

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Camille said...

ooooh..lemon! I just ate (or shall I say inhaled) lemon cookies today. Your iced cookies look delish. I love that they have honey, too. The recipe does look like it was fast and easy...great for when I'm impatient:)