Wednesday, November 12, 2008


Isn't it nice when someone awards you for something you love to do?! Thanks to Steph from Obsessed With Baking for giving me this nice award ...

And I would like to pass this one on to:

1. Crazy Asian Gal
2. Camille of Rtemis
3. Janet Is Hungry
4. Lucy of Sweets Savories etc. <-- I noticed you've already got this award, but your blog is so much fun to read I think you deserve it again :)

All of these blogs are amazing to read, so if you have the chance go and check them out!


Palidor said...

Oh, wow! You're giving little old me an award?! I am very honored. Thank you so much. :)

silverrock said...

Well I think you deserve it :) You rock!!

lilyng said...


congrats to you for getting this award and thank you for passing this award to me.

i am sorry, i don't do awards. sorry!!!!!

Lucy said...

First congrat's on your getting this award and secondly passing it along to me.... thats so sweet of you!! Thank you!!!

You have a wonderful blog and glad to have come to discovery it ;-)


Camille said...

You deserve the award! Congrats! Thank you for thinking of me! The award is very cool!

Rebel said...

I just found you blog and saw you Halloween cupcakes I left a comment there. Like you blog.